Wednesday 15 August 2012


Written for Trifecta week Thirty Eight:

I was originally going to reuse a piece (Shells, to which I unashamedly direct the reader) written a few days ago, for Friday Fictioneers (to which I also unashamedly direct the reader), however I decided that really I should write something original.

I have not written a piece like this before, so criticisms and comments are welcomed:


Home to work. A lifetime in less than an hour, and this is just one day.

Dog walking person or person walking dog. The same each day. A vertical triangle: human, lead and ground, an apex of white fur and claws. Going nowhere, going everywhere.

Pavements and alleyways. They walk side by side, man and dog. Companion, confidant and friend. All purpose, a place to start, a place to end.

Trendy cafes, the boardwalk. A dog shaped accessory, perfect accompaniment to the morning latte. Newspaper, headphones music, perfect isolation.

No dogs, just concrete and skyscrapers. A throng converging, a human conveyor belt. Funnelling into offices, shops and restaurants. Destination reached.

It is all part of my home, my city and my life. I am proud.

The word is home
b : habitat


  1. I like your descriptions and the four different areas that all make up your home.

    1. Thank you Janna.

      I am lucky enough most weeks, to be able to walk to work 3-4 times. The parts of the journey are like passing through four villages - each linked but with a distinctly different flavour. It is a great way to think, observe and to draw material from the microcosms I pass through. I could probably write another 100 snippets from fragments of my walk.

  2. I can relate. My kids' dogs walked me for years. Nice poem.

  3. I so live in the dog-as-accessory part of the country -- I see that all the time!

  4. I really like the snippets of different sides of the same place. Cool idea. Thanks for linking up. We hope to see you back tomorrow for the new challenge.