Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Three Strikes

Strike one.
He faced back into the field as the pitcher started his wind up.
The ball whistled past his shoulder before he even began to swing.
Strike two.
This time, he was ready. This time he wouldn't miss.
The pitcher was on the mound. The ball… curved through the air towards him.
He swung.
The sound of….
As he walked back to the bench, head down. Dejected, looking at his shoes.
Three strikes and you’re…. 
The words resonated in his head.
Slowly, his scowl became a smile.
You’re a…
Maybe baseball just wasn't his sport after all.
Written for Trifecta: Week Ninety-Two, using the word Turkey in the slightly unusual context: three successive strikes in bowling.

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Browser

The bookshop was huge. Rows and rows of books arranged on shelves in a slapdash manner.

“You’ll need this,” a man said, slipping a thick volume into my hands.

Before I could react, he disappeared, and I was alone among the bookshelves.

I started opening it.

My movement actuated something. Darkness. A strong wind. I was moving; fast. Everything was in a state of flux. Then the wind died. The darkness lifted. I made out a small figure.

“Approach” it chirruped.

 “I was just...”

“Opening the book”, it responded.

“Yes, and...”

“You’re going to cook for us”, it continued.


“No buts. You know the rules. Your continued journey is predicated by the quality of the meal you cook.”

I looked down. I was still clutching the book. “Compendium of Gustatory Delights”, read the title. Opening it, the words jumped out at me: “Chapter one - Recipes for Time Travellers.”
Exactly 150 words written for Monday Mixer, using as many of the words (at least three) below as possible. Feedback welcomed.

Things:          1) flux              2) luminary         3) compendium

Verbs:           1) predicate     2) actuate           3) chirrup

Adjectives:   1) slapdash      2) gustatory       3) ethereal

Monday, 12 August 2013

Choosing Your Tooth

1: Select a type
2: Choose attributes (up to 2)
3: Add accessories
Types Attributes Accessories
Eye Holy Brush
Sabre Decayed Floss
Gear Capped  Braces
Permanent Crowned Polish
Milk Straight