Thursday, 28 February 2013

Doctor Doctor

A Doctor doctoring
Is better than
A doctoring Doctor
Especially when
The doctoring Doctor
Practices doctoring
Additively adding
Spreading and scraping
Such Doctor is not
Fit to be doctorer
If I am doctoree

Using the word Doctor with context:
b : a blade (as of metal) for spreading a coating or scraping a surface

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Fence

Painted white, and in perfect repair, the fence was what drew me in. The building, like all those in the area was dilapidated. Cladding gaping, glass panes missing, broken downpipes, sagging roofline, the surrounds a jungle. The fence was by no means new. Plants and weeds had tangled around the palings, but the paint couldn't have been more than a season old. No fading or flaking. The gate, locked with a simple padlock, showed no sign of wear, and the shiny hinges were free of rust. Too low to bar entry, I leaned my bicycle against it and climbed over.
Copyright-Janet Webb
Written for Friday Fictioneers,

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

No Entry

It wouldn’t open
I knocked
I rang
I kicked, pushed
Got a sledgehammer
A drill, a crowbar
It wouldn’t open
Possibilities exhausted
I couldn’t get in
Someone said
Use the back door

Written for Trifecta Writing Challenge Week 65 using the following definition of the word Exhaust: