Friday 21 September 2012



“What do you mean?”

“I’ve always focused on realism. My previous sculptures were always lifelike. That’s what I am known for.”

“So why the change in style?”

“I started this as a sitting figure. My model was a young woman who worked at the gallery. She posed when it was quiet. Over time, we became lovers.”

“And she inspired you toward the abstract?”

“No, not at all. It was my wife. She discovered my infidelity, and took to the work with a sledgehammer. With only one day before the opening, this was the only way I could salvage something.”

Written for Friday Fictioneers.


  1. :-) Nice twist and good use of your title.

  2. Hi Rog,
    Well, I guess you have to create any way you can. Creation is a zigzag path. I think you said something important here. Ron

  3. Amazing what he managed to salvage with only one day before the opening. Wonder the the original looked like? Nice work.

  4. Well, that would be making the best of a bad situation, I guess. I'm sure many artists have found temptation in their subjects over the years. My story is here and on the link list

  5. Laughed aloud when I came to the ending. I'd say the wife left too much of the statue if he was able to salvage it. Just saying.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. She didn't do a very good job with the sledge if he was able to pull this out of the wreckage.

  6. Are you sure this isn't salvage instead of art...?
    and Rochelle, I like your comment.
    And why did you glue his leg on his back next to his two wings?

    Great easy reading. Fun dialogue/story line. Enjoyed it. Randy

  7. Like Lora, I'm curious what it looked like before. Nice use of the prompt.