Wednesday 19 September 2012


A child runs, trips, falls
Knees grazed, palms hit asphalt
A moment of silence, then tears
Blood begins to seep
Crying uncontrollably
The world collapses

With a sweeping motion
A woman scoops, lifts and holds
Uninterrupted movement, and the child
Enfolded in her ample breast
Blanketed and comforted, now calm
I am that child
Safe in mothers arms
Trifecta writing challenge week forty three. The word is ample, the context:
buxom, portly <an ample figure>


  1. This is sweet. I have comforted my sons in a hug countless times, just as my own mother did for me.

  2. Nice. I liked it that it was something of a twist - that the author is that child.

  3. Very good. Makes me want to go hug my baby!

  4. That describes a mother's quick comforting response exactly. Everyone, child, or adult, needs their mom sometimes. Nicely done, Rog.

  5. I love that suspended moment between the action and the tears in the first stanza; I could feel it so clearly. Lovely piece.

  6. The captures those childhood feelings of love and dependence very well. Nice job!

  7. This describes something that happened to me yesterday as the mother. I hope my son remembers the experience with the same warmth. Thanks for linking up!