Tuesday 4 September 2012

Infinite Bandwidth

Content, too much
Choices, too many
Life is a ticker
Streaming across the bottom of our consciousness
News, stock quotes, anything
As long as it fits into a soundbite
The cycle of data
Where gossip becomes innuendo, becomes truth
The absence of information
Matters little, when available now
In any format on any medium
Instant download, instant message
Instant gratification
Written for Trifecta Writing Challenge week forty one, using 


  1. This is so true. Everything in life is now instant. well done.

  2. Agreed! Some things are made more complicated by the infinite number of choices (just getting a pen a couple weeks ago, I had to consider ball point, fine point, medium point, blue, black, red, click top or cap, then choose between three different brands. I just wanted a pen that writes!)

    The internet is both good and bad. Sometimes it's good just to unplug and recharge.

  3. Yep everything is instant :D This is a great piece of writing and a great post! :D

  4. "The absence of information/ Means little..." so very true! One of the main reasons I detest watching national news.

  5. I like the image of life as a ticker streaming past our consciousness; it definitely feels like that sometimes.

  6. I so agree. Everything's moving too quickly.

  7. Instant everything is not a good thing.

  8. I loved reading this - Well-said.

  9. Nice! Especially liked " Life is a ticker
    Streaming across the bottom of our consciousness" Well done!

  10. it makes me wonder how we survived without everything at our fingertips! and i've noticed, on a personal note, that i've a tendency to get annoyed if someone doesn't instantly respond to a text. to think there was a time when we actually knew how to wait haha

  11. I loved the way you ended this and think this is such a great example of life at this moment. Sometimes it gets hard to even think with all the noise and the information and the connectivity. Unplugging sounds like a dream.
    Thanks for playing along with us. Be sure to come on back for the new challenges.

  12. This is great commentary on our lives which are so dependent on technology. Let's hope that, at least, some people remember that speed does not equal accuracy to honestly.

    1. Typos: "...accuracy OR honesty."

    2. Your typo just goes to prove the point. (it's the written equivalent of a Freudian slip). Thanks.

  13. Instant gratification. Loved "instant life." Good job!

  14. Lovely poem. Replicates our life story :-)

  15. Thanks to all for your comments and feedback.