Thursday 11 October 2012


I was taking the four of them; my two, and the two from across the road. They were a little unit. They did everything together. There was five years between the oldest and the youngest, but they spent most of their spare time together. Like brothers they were. They had been excited about Halloween for weeks.  Jake, the youngest, didn’t quite understand. He was dressed as Robin Hood, in green tights and brown T shirt, his toy bow and arrow slung over his shoulder. He had also brought along his fluffy lion for company. Sam and Oscar both had black face paint and plastic fangs. A fake dagger protruded from a bloody wound at the side of Oscars head, while Sam had drawn stitches on his face and bare arms. Simon was in a completely different league. DEATH in person, he was a fantastic version of the grim reaper. Complete with scythe and hood, and a black cape partially covering a very realistic looking skeleton. Slightly taller than the others, there was nothing to say that underneath the costume was a thirteen year old, at that awkward boundary between childhood and adulthood. We left the house and joined the throng.

Later, I followed the boys up the stairs and through the front door. We’d had a good night. They had collected a substantial haul, and had a great time of it. Tired and exhilarated, they were eager to get home, and take stock. The three younger ones walked ahead of me, Simon lagged slightly behind. He came through the door after a few seconds, and pulled it firmly shut. He appeared much taller in his costume, and much more solid. I walked into the living room.  A shiver went down my spine, as I registered four, not three boys in the room. I scanned their faces, my heart beating faster as I took a mental roll call. Definitely Jake, Oscar, Sam and Simon. From behind me, a voice cut the silence. “It’s time”
Written for Trifecta Challenge week forty six, using the word DEATH, in this context:

"capitalized : the destroyer of life represented usually as a skeleton with a scythe"


  1. Caught me by surprise. Nice job of writing it to sound like a personal blog post, and then that twist at the end. Really nice work!

  2. Sweet! Very powerful. Well done.

  3. Oh wow! That was frightening!! It did sound like a personal blog and then... BAM! Great writing! :)

  4. I love how it started out all Mommy Blogger-esque. Another ho-hum post about how cute the kids are at a holiday. And then whammo--Death. Nice job!! Loved it.