Monday 2 September 2013

Customer Service II

Ensorcelled by her décolletage, he knew he must focus if he was to achieve the outcome he deserved. Her dress and prodigal cleavage; all too obvious in the way they were on display. Exemplary maybe, but only to the unsuspecting. He knew they were deployed as devices, to distract, deceive, debilitate. That would not dispel the slew of unresolved issues he still had to fight. Behaviour, vainglorious and arrogant, was no excuse for the way he had been treated; for what they had done. To add further insult, they use sex as a distraction. So cheap. So obvious. It just typified the depths to which they would stoop. He was fractious and ready to fight. He’d had enough. Now was his time.

“Good afternoon sir. How may I help,” she pouted.

The way she looked at him. Her face, her lips. His eyes drifted downward as his mind went blank..........
150 words written for Monday Mixer. The piece incorporates all the words below.

Things:          1) slew             2) exemplar         3) decolletage
Verbs:           1) typify            2) debilitate         3) ensorcell
Adjectives:    1) prodigal       2) fractious          3) vainglorious

Originally written in error in 100 words, it has been expanded to meet the criteria for the prompt. Error pointed out with thanks to . 

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  1. Excellent use of the prompt words; amazing how a woman's cleavage can do that to a man... ;)