Monday 2 September 2013

Customer Service

Ensorcelled by her d├ęcolletage, he knew he must focus. Her dress and prodigal cleavage; all too obvious. Exemplary devices, to distract, debilitate and dispel the slew of unresolved issues. Their behaviour – vainglorious and arrogant - was no excuse for the way he had been treated, or for what they had done. This cheap use of sex as a distraction typified the depths to which they would stoop. He was fractious and ready to fight. He’d had enough. Now was his time.

“Good afternoon sir. How may I help,” she pouted.

The way she looked at him. His eyes drifted downward...........
100 words written for Monday Mixer. The piece incorporates all the words below.

Things:          1) slew              2) exemplar         3) decolletage

Verbs:           1) typify           2) debilitate           3) ensorcell

Adjectives:   1) prodigal       2) fractious           3) vainglorious

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