Wednesday 14 May 2014

Perspective - A Journey into the Nonsensical

"Are you really sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?”
― M.C. Escher

Depends on perspective
Look from afar at the world and you’ll see
That up can be down and down can be up
Perspective also means
Down is from ducks
But don’t duck and weave.
Duck and cover, and don’t be left
For left is right if you don’t duck and cover
And right is good
And so is greed (some say)
Who is that some
Some say someday
Where day becomes night
And knights defend damsels
Do days defend damsels too
Damsels in distress
Or damsels in white, and damsels in black
But not damsels in black and white
For black and white is monochrome
Which is only part of the spectrum
Like good and evil
Evil is everywhere
Also God is everywhere
God and evil are everywhere
But is God evil
Or just omnipresent
Like the stars
The sun is a star
Your son is your heir
He may be your star
But air, like wind and fire and earth
Are elements
As hydrogen and helium are elements
Of the periodic table
The dining table, the times table
The timetable
Bus timetable, train timetable
Train journey
To the tablelands,
Or to lands unknown
Take the train
Train hard and often
To be fit, but not befit
Or fit for a king
King size, king pin
Hair pin, lynch pin, lynch mob
Mob psychology pop psychology
Pop culture, pop songs
Pop in for a drink, a soda pop
Mom and pop
Look up to your parents
Look up to the sky
Look up the answer
For its just perspective

Where the floor to one is the ceiling to another
A nonsensical journey written for "Write on Edge", using the quote at the start as a prompt.

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