Friday 28 February 2014

A Trip

"Look what I've got." I waved the envelope in her direction. 

"Plane tickets. A trip. How nice. Where are we going."

A trip - yes, but tickets - no. Just one ticket. And we, well:  That wasn't what I meant....


33 words written for Trifextra: Week 103 at:


  1. Ouch. I love how you brought out her voice with those clipped phrases, the question spoken as a statement. ("Where are we going.") You packed a lot of personality into that exchange.

  2. Yikes. Well, it's best to tell her sooner rather than later I suppose. Nice exchange. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Whoa. Better now than when her bags are all packed. Sheesh. Great voice.

  4. Lots of character development in 33 words. Well done.

  5. Well written. Good dialoge. He seemed fairly eager to be gone. She should probably be upset. I would be.