Monday 12 November 2012

Memory of Winter

Every year, I look forward to this day. Not that it’s the first cold day, or the first day where there is ice. It is, however, the day I celebrate. Usually it is a weekend. On a weekday, I’d be rushing off to school. I always hope for a bright sunny day. When I open the curtains, everything is obscured by a blanket of ice. I place my forehead and hands against the window. The warmth from my body on the smooth cold pane creates little holes, through which I see the world outside. I now know it is winter.
100 words written for Friday Fictioneers,


  1. Very picturesque descriptions. This calls for some hot cocoa with little marshmallows.

  2. Very nice, made me want to curl up with a good book under a warm blanket. :-)

  3. My choice? A good cup of tea, the steam melting the ice from the windows. Good job. Now I'm really cold.

  4. I, too, look forward to winter (at least most of the time.) I love snow before it gets dirty from all the traffic, ice skating, hockey, and lots of other winter things, including how much I appreciate spring and summer once they come around. :-)